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  • Surrounding Roller Driving Thickener

    Surrounding Roller Driving Thickener

    Description Introduction: Roller Driving Thickener is applied to the processing of the thickener concentrates and tailing dewatering, 20%-30% of the pulp is improved to about 40%-70%. Roller Driving Thickener actually is not a simple sedimentation […]

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  • Center Driving Thickener

    Center Driving Thickener

    Description Introduction: Thickening is a method to reduce the sludge volume, sludge treatment process, generally are based on the gravity concentration method as a form of pre-treatment of the sludge dewatering operation. Application: 1. Clarification […]

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  • Efficiency Thickener

    Efficiency Thickener

    Description Introduction: Efficient thickener is a high-rate thickener with central-drive, automatic lifting rake Application: 1. Treatment of various industrial feed pulps, like coals, metal ore dressing water, and feed pulp. 2. Concentrates and tailings dewatering […]

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  • High Efficiency Thickener For Gold Ore

    High Efficiency Thickener For Gold Ore

    Description Product advantages 1. Feeding uniformly and steadily 2. Improved processing ability 3. Long operating life 1) Product feature Deaeration cell is provided to prevent solid particles from attaching to bubbles so that solid particles […]

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