Magnetic Separator


Magnetic Separator is also called wet magnetic separator, magnetic drum separator, china magnetic separator or magnetic separator machine. Magnetic separator is a kind of equipment that separate magnetic metals from other impurities according to the magnetic characteristics of the metal materials. Magnetic separator is widely used in resource recycling, timber, mining, ceramic, chemical and other fields, and is suitable for wet magnetic separation of magnetite, roasting ore, ilmenite, and other materials with particle size less than 3mm. In addition, magnetic separator is used to de-iron for coal, non-metal ore and building materials.

Ore slurry tank flows into the tank by the action of water to the mine water pipe, a loose state mineral particles to enter the tank mines role of magnetic fields in magnetic mineral particles magnetically together and form a “magnetic group” or “flux linkage”, “magnetic group” or “flux linkage” by the magnetic force acts in the pulp, the movement of the magnetic poles, which is adsorbed on the cylinder.

1.Roughing after the coarse and secondary crushing of the low grade iron ore, excluding waste rock, etc., improving quality and reducing the burden of the next process
2. Applied to the grading of the uncompleted reductive raw ores from the hematite in the closed circuit roasting process and then returning to burn again.
3. De-ironing of the petune in the ceramic industry to improve the quality of ceramic products.
4.De-ironing of burning coal, foundry sand, refractory matters and other industries.

Product Model

Model Cylinder Diameter
Drum Table Field
CTB-712 750 1200 120 15-30 3 48 1.5
CTB-718 750 1800 120 20-45 3 72 2.1
CTB-918 900 1800 148 25-55 4 90 2.9
CTB-924 900 2400 148 35-70 4 110 3.5
CTB-1018 1050 1800 148 40-75 5.5 120 4
CTB-1021 1050 2100 148 45-88 5.5 140 4.5
CTB-1024 1050 2400 148 52-100 5.5 160 5
CTB-1218 1200 1800 148 47-90 5.5 140 5.8
CTB-1224 1200 2400 148 82-120 7.5 192 6.2
CTB-1230 1200 3000 160 82-150 7.5 240 7.2



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