Mining Agitation Tank


Mixing tank is usually used to stir the pulp before the flotation process work, then the pulp and medicamentcan be fully mixed in the mixing tank, which can create conditions for ore dressing operation. Mor eover, this kind of mixing tank is also applied to all kinds of the mixing work in the chemical and mining industry.

The mixer has wide application range, it can mix powder , sheets and granule in medicine, food, fine chemical industry, petrochemical industry, pesticide, paint, cosmetics, plastics, pigment, feedstuff and other industries.

Working Principle: 
All material will be transported to the top of tank by the screw spindle , then fall like umbrella shaped, So on and infinitum, so that to mix well.

Lift agitator features and benefits

1.simple structure and easy adjustment

2.high efficient, less power consumption

3. Reliable operation and easy maintenance

4. uniform mixing, better dispersion

5. The impeller of the mixing tank is the designed into a pileups type, agitating and cycling ability to pulp and chemicals is improved.

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