Saw Tooth Wave Jigger


Saw-tooth-wave jigger of JT series is driven by saw-tooth wave and works by rising up and down water-stream uniformity & serrated. It works greatly for ore/slag material of thin granularity size. It is widely used in beneficiation of kinds of metal & non-metals & smelting slag like tungsten, tin, gold, iron, manganese, titanium, chromium, sulfur, silica-manganese slag, ferro-manganese slag, ferro-nickel slag etc.

Its pulse curve is as saw-tooth wave form to make rose water faster than the dropped water; enhanced the loose of bed, eased the inhaled role, so that heavy particles in the mineral can fully settlement, greatly improving the sorting capacity and recovery rate of equipment. Its industrial test compared with the sine wave jigger: jigger supplier operating recovery rate is higher than the sine wave by the sn: 3.01%, w: 5.5%, pb: 1.63%, zn: 2.04%; water consumption reduced by 30% -40%, covers reduction by 1/3, and the stroke is adjustable. The performance of jigger supplier has reached the domestic advanced level, and is one of the ideal devices in energy-saving gravity separation.

1.  High capacity
2.High concentration ratio and high recovery
3.Fabricated with highest quality material
4.  Easy to install, operate and maintain
5.The pulsation curve is saw-tooth wave shape facilitate heavy mineral to settling
6.Saving water 30-40% than ordinary jig
7. The pulsation speed very easy adjusted by regulator

Product Model

Model Thickener Tank Diameter m Tank Depth m Sedimentation Area m2 Rake Rotation Time min/r Capacity t/d Driving Power kW
NZS1 1.8 1.8 2.55 0.5 1.3-5.6 1.1
NZS2.5 2.5 1.8 4.9 0.33 5-10.8 1.1
NZS6 3.6 1.8 10.2 0.33 5-22.4 1.1
NZS6 6 3.0~3.2 28 2.5~5.0 50~100 3
NZS9 9 3.5~3.8 63.6 3.0~5.0 120~175 3
NZS12 12 3.5~3.8 113 4.0~7.0 200~300 4



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